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Ansel Adams — Not sure I need to say anything about this one. The master of black and white photography. Just don't make me pick a favorite.

Alan Ross — I learned about Alan's work via the Ansel Adams gallery, and then attended a workshop conducted by Alan at Yosemite in October of 2004. Amazingly talented; apprenticed under Ansel (which explains how he has photos like this).

Bruce Barnbaum — A master of the expressive black and white print. I'd love for his The Complete Photographic Process for Black and White to be the next workshop I attend.

John Sexton — Ah, the late evening light. Aspens glow . . . really. An original Ansel Adams Workshop instructor. Wouldn't mind attending a workshop (or three) taught by this man.

Eric Biggerstaff — A very talented photographer. Powerful images. Although many are striking, I am fascinated by his "Abandoned Farm."

Domenico Foschi — A masterful photographer hailing from Italy. His Memory of Whispers portfolio is particularly moving.

Michael Kenna — The beauty of simplicity.

Charles Cramer — Yes, I do believe in color! Especially when it's done so well. All of Charles' images earn every last shade. Just jaw-dropping.

Paul Schilliger — I don't remember how I came across Paul's site, but his images immediately overwhelmed me with their sheer majesty and brilliance. And though I would never take anything away from his photographic talent, living in Switzerland can't hurt.