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Saeid Afzali Photography Saeid Afzali Photography
Artist's Statement

I Believe that the camera is the extension of the photographers eyes, The same way the painters use their brush and writers use their pens and even musicians use their instruments to create something extraordinary, the same holds true for the photographers as they use their camera and their talent to create something special to convey a message and or tell a story of an event, not to mention along the way to share their feeling and the mood of the moment. Sometimes this will work the other way around too and by creating a piece of work they simply try to create a certain mood for us.

Considering the advancement of technology this can have a such profound impact in our reaction to the piece created, often the artist can depart from reality and the facts of life in order to create this mood or send us a message or share theirs with the viewers that in fact the lines between the reality and imagination becomes so blurred that one can not tell where one ends and the other one begins.

They often can manage to do it by manipulating one or more elements they need to create the image, and by doing so the reality and facts take a new meaning and arrive at the point that is anything but the real world as we know it. I personally unlike many others prefer not to follow ones idea of creation, my concept is very simple to capture a moment and or just to convey a message with the strongest terms possible, something of value, or create a feeling and mood, or at the least tell a story the best I can, take you to the place or share the moment of time with you, or take you to the journey of life along with me the way I see it.

Just as the famous saying goes eyes are window to the mind.*

Since this is never ending process and ever changing field no one can really claim that they know it all, as the days go by and I look back at my previous work I realize the things that I could have done differently as well as notice the improvements that I have accomplished since, by the same token I never shy away from a constructive criticism and welcome the new and honest ideas and opinions, so if you have a good idea like to share or need one, as well as like to talk about the subject or any other for that matter, please drop me a line and I would be happy to hear from you.

one little note, considering the fact there are thousands of images and physically impossible to post them all at once, I posted very few and adding to them little at the time to keep the look of the site fresh and make every visit just as interesting as the first one.

Thanks for your visit.